3 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Might Be Leaking

Few things feel worse than finding a giant puddle of water on the floor in your laundry room. Some washing machine problems are easy to fix, but some can end up costing you a small fortune in repairs or replacement. 

If you are experiencing leaking issues with your washer, it can be helpful to understand what is wrong with it and whether you should call a local expert to fix it. Let’s discuss some of the most common reasons why a washing machine leaks: 

Hole In the Water Pump

If water is leaking from underneath a top-loading washing machine, it is most likely due to a hole in the water pump. This should be repaired right away. If you ignore this problem, the water might leak directly onto the machine’s motor, and lead to total failure.  

Loose Connections, Improper Installation, or Clogged Drainpipe 

If you notice leaks on the back side of your brand-new washing machine, it could be because you forgot to remove the drain plug (provided by the manufacturer) before you installed the drain hose. In this case, just remove the hose and then remove the plug. 

A clogged or improperly secured drainpipe or loose connections at a fill hose can also result in leaks in the back. If you have a front-loading model, using too much detergent can also sometimes cause a leak in the back overflow area. Remember, front loading machines don’t need a lot of detergent. 

Clogged Overflow Tube  

If the leak is coming from the front of your top-loading machine, it could be a tilted or clogged overflow tube. This is most likely to happen if you use a water softening system in your home; soft water needs less detergent. Cutting down on the soap is all you need to do to prevent the leaks in this case. 

Sometimes, overloading the washer can also cause leaks from the front. Maybe you were in a hurry to be done with your laundry? If you moved up the timer manually to do that cycle, it might have caused the spray rinse cycle to go on for longer than necessary and led to an overflow.

Speak to the Top-Rated Appliance Repair Specialists  

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