4 Washing Machine Problems You Can’t Afford To Ignore

A functional washing machine is an essential appliance for any household. It reduces the time and energy spent washing clothes. A good washing machine also keeps clothes free of harmful germs.

Unfortunately, like all appliances, a washing machine will eventually need repairs to remain functional. Hiring an experienced Woodridge washer repair service is the best way to get this appliance back in good working order.

Ignoring washer repair issues is a recipe for disaster. The longer you ignore these problems, the harder it will be to keep this appliance working. Below are washing machine repair issues you can’t afford to ignore.

Addressing Slow Draining Issues

Slow draining is a common issue with washing machines that require professional repair. The problem occurs when your washer’s drainage pipe or other component becomes clogged, preventing the water from draining correctly.

If you notice that the water takes longer than usual to drain out of your machine, it’s essential to contact a professional Woodridge washer repair service. 

The Washing Machine Isn’t Spinning Properly

The spinning mechanism in a washing machine is a crucial component of its operation. If it stops working correctly, your washer won’t be able to turn the clothes inside during the rinse cycle. When a washing machine fails to spin, it’s essential to address the problem immediately.

Factors that prohibit a washer from spinning are:

Contact a professional Woodridge washer repair service right away if these issues have recently surfaced. 

Foul Odors

Several different issues can cause foul odors to come from a washing machine. One of the most common causes is mold and mildew buildup inside the washer. These contaminants thrive in warm, damp environments, which is precisely what a washing machine provides.

If your washer isn’t cleaned regularly or there is an issue with the water drainage, mold, and mildew can quickly accumulate in the drum. This is why hiring professionals to perform this essential maintenance is imperative.

Wash Cycle is Taking Too Long

A defective or worn-out motor is one of the most common issues that can cause a washing cycle to take too long. This can cause a decrease in spin speed, which can lead to longer washing cycles and dirty laundry. Finding the root cause of this common problem is much easier with the help of an appliance repair service.

Ready To Hire a Woodridge Washer Repair Service

If you are serious about getting your broken appliance fixed, contact our Woodridge washer repair service for help. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose your washer repair issues. With this information, they can perform repairs in a hurry.