Four Important Types Of Jobs

Four Important Types Of Jobs

What do we do at customer locations?

The better question would be: what don’t we do. That’s not really a question, but you get the picture. We are active in helping local households deal with all sorts of emergencies and appliance snafus, with prompt, reliable and professional assistance.

Let’s talk about some of the most common jobs that we deal with on a regular basis.

Garbage Disposals

It happens so often – you put one wrong thing down there, (we’re looking at you, onion skins) and all of a sudden everything is completely messed up.

Then, more likely than not, you have to get the pros involved. We know how to deal with all of the parts and pieces that have to be worked with or removed to get your garbage disposal working again. That’s a real life-saver for those who make a practice of putting a lot of compostables into the sink stream instead of throwing them into the trash can.

Washing Machines

Many of the older washing machines are notorious for leaving standing water at the end of a cycle. Maybe the drum isn’t working correctly, or maybe there’s a problem with the drain. There’s also that awful ‘suds’ problem that has people hitting our number on speed dial. Or maybe your ducts are clogged from hard water! It’s hard to know until you get a pro to check.

Whatever it is, we can come fix it and have you doing laundry again.

Stoves and Ovens

The stove or oven is the engine of your kitchen. You need it to turn out that high-quality food you put on your family’s dinner table. But what about when it’s not working right?

Many of these issues have to do with electrical problems, gas line issues, or components that have failed in a particular way. Skip the headache and call a company that has the resources to deal with your stove or oven issues.


One of our techs was talking about this just a few weeks ago. They were talking to a customer about how hard it is to work on refrigerators, (for DIYers) partly because a lot of the important elements are facing the wall.

They were discussing an alternative design where the compressor and other various gear is on the side of the machine to make it easier to work on.

In an ideal world, this would be the case, but unfortunately, you work with the appliances that you have. Also, there are reasons why refrigerators are built as they are. Call us – we can handle it.

That’s a little bit about the things that we most often do when we show up. And we do show up when we’re called! It’s daunting to deal with companies that take their sweet time helping customers. We are here to give you confidence about your job and peace of mind about getting back to your regular routine – quickly!