Four Things To Know About Your Washing Machine

Four Things To Know About Your Washing Machine

At Appliances Repair Services, we are used to helping property owners keep their home systems and appliances in safe and serviceable condition.

When things are working well, you have a well-organized household. When things break down, you’re likely to experience some chaos. Call our professional technicians to help you any time you need to get everything up to par and working well.

With that said, here are four of the things that homeowners commonly encounter with their washing machines.

Drain Filter Problems

You might think you’re checking the pockets very well, but small items can build up in your drain filter and cause the washing machine to fail to drain properly. You’ll often see an error code or standing water built up in the drum after you run a cycle.

We can help access your filter and get it completely cleaned out so that your machine works like a charm again.

Drum Problems

There are also a number of things that can happen with your washing machine drum.

You might have old bearings, or uneven placement of the washing machine appliance. You might have excessively heavy loads that stop the cycle from working in the way that it should. Any combination of these factors can also add up to a drum problem. We can provide the diagnosis and help you to fix the issue so that you get what you need out of your washing machine.

Soap Issues

Another issue with many washing machines has to do with the soap that you use in them.

High efficiency washing machines are made to use less amounts of laundry detergent. Too much detergent can lead to a suds problem, where the machine actually stops in the middle of a cycle.

So make sure you’re using the right amount and the recommended type of soap according to the user manual.

Hard Water is Not Your Friend

Many communities across America have hard water where calcium deposits build up in the water supply as it flows through the pipes. This can lead to calcified blockages on your washing machine’s water delivery system.

Whichever one of these problems you have, we’ll come to your house and treat you like family, which means that we will tell you what we’re doing. We’re not just going to come in and do things that you don’t understand. Work with a company that cares in the local Alexandria, VA area. Use Appliances Repair Services to feel good about how things are working in your home.