How to Keep Your Residential Refrigerator Functional and Efficient

Each year, over 12 million refrigerators are sold in the United States. Nearly 23% of the homes in the United States have two or more refrigerators in them. Regardless of how many refrigerators you have, keeping them in good working order should be your top concern. Inexperienced homeowners fail to realize that a refrigerator needs routine maintenance to stay functional and efficient. 

While you can perform some of this maintenance on your own, some of it will need to be handled by an experienced appliance repair technician. Investing money and time into maintaining your refrigerator will pay off, considering the serious repair issues it will allow you to avoid. Here are some things you can do to keep your residential refrigerator running smoothly. 

Inspect and Clean Your Refrigerator Door Gasket

If you are like most people, your time in quarantine has been spent in front of your television and your refrigerator. Opening and closing the refrigerator door is something most people do multiple times on a daily basis. Keeping the cool air inside of your refrigerator is only possible if the gasket around it properly seals. As time goes by, grime and gunk will buildup on this gasket. Allowing these substances to remain on your refrigerator door seal can create big problems. 

Taking the time to both inspect and clean your refrigerator door gasket is a must. Using an all-purpose cleaning to remove dirt and grime from your door seal is a good idea. You also need to check to ensure that a proper seal is being created. If you feel like your refrigerator door seal is damaged, then contact the team at Appliances Repair Services. With our help, you can get your door seal fixed and back in action in no time. 

Give Your Condenser Coils A Thorough Cleaning

The cool air that your refrigerator produces helps to keep your food at the right temperature. The condenser coils are designed to take the refrigerant in your unit and cool it. The coils are generally located on the backside of a refrigerator. Over time, dust will start to accumulate on these coils. If this dust is left in place, it can lead to your refrigerator getting overworked due to a lack of air circulation. 

Rather than putting your refrigerator in a bind, you need to clean your condenser coils routinely. If you are not comfortable performing this essential refrigerator maintenance procedure on your own, hiring professionals is the best course of action. 

Make Sure Your Refrigerator is Level

When trying to keep your refrigerator in good working order, you have to make sure it is completely level. If your refrigerator is unlevel, it will lead to a lot of energy being wasted. The components of your fridge need to be perfectly level to operate efficiently. If your refrigerator is unlevel, you need to adjust the feet of it by hand until this problem is addressed. 

Is Your Refrigerator Broken?

If your refrigerator isn’t performing properly, contact Appliances Repair Services and let up fix these problems.