It Looks Good  – But Does It Work?

In our work around the Alexandria VA area, we’ve seen some important trends in property ownership and maintenance that have great potential applications to people’s properties. 

We’re proud of how much our customers trust us to work on their appliances, as evidenced in testimonials and in the routine business that we get from local residents.

But we know that there are always challenges in taking care of a home, and all of the appliances and systems that you use every day! So we try to put together a service plan that really helps you to tackle everything that you’re facing as the property owner. 

Deliberate Design

In many of the homes that we go into, kitchen and culinary spaces are set up with a very particular design.

Countertops are level. Cabinets are placed intuitively for ergonomics and convenience.

Ranges and ovens are placed strategically near refrigerators and other appliances.

Everything is built ‘to a T,’ and cleaned to a polished sheen!

But sometimes that appearance hides some serious problems with the actual appliances that power the kitchen itself. That’s unfortunate, as people find out when they go to use the kitchen. 

Kitchen Malfunctions

Suppose you have one of these nice 21st century kitchens, a real catalog piece, but the actual buttons on the oven don’t do what they’re supposed to do!

Someone who comes in to cook thinks that they are dealing with a top-of-the-line kitchen. But they still find out as they prep that there’s something awry…

Or suppose that somebody’s helping clean up after a busy meal and they realize that the dishwasher doesn’t close right. Or that it doesn’t open at all.

They may find that the racks are poorly adjusted, or the washer arm isn’t attached to the hose, and that as a result, the dishes don’t really get too clean. 

There are so many ways that malfunctioning appliances can cause disasters in a kitchen. We’ve heard about many of them, because we’ve gotten those 11th hour distress calls asking us to come help!

And we do.

Our customers appreciate our commitment to helping them to get everything back into working condition, so that they can get on with their lives and their regular routines, confident in the state of maintenance of their property.

Take a look around the website for more. Call us for professional assistance with malfunctioning and ailing appliances around NOVA. We’re among the best around.