Three Major Problems With Washers And Dryers

Three Major Problems With Washers And Dryers

What do households experience when they reach for the phone to call a professional to fix a washer or dryer?

Here are some of the things that most often happen with these kinds of appliances. We get these sorts of calls all the time, and you can see the results on our testimonials page – prompt and professional service and a host of satisfied customers.

Clogged Drains

All of a sudden, your neat new (or gently used) washing machine won’t drain!

Some of the newer machines actually have strange codes that are hard to understand, where the washing machine will just shut down because of some foreign object in the tray or drain.

What we usually find, when we dig into the system, is that something did eventually get stuck down there. We’ve found everything from pens to safety pins and coins stuck in a washing machine drain apparatus. That obviously has an inhibiting effect on performance, but in many cases, the appliance can sense that this is a problem, and it throws an error code.

Obviously, a best practice is to check the pockets when loading clothes into the washing machine. But even with the utmost vigilance, these issues can happen over time, and we’re here to help. We can un-stick what’s stuck, and get your machine working again.

Heating Elements

This is one of the most frustrating situations a laundry doer can ever experience.

You put a load of wet clothes into the dryer and shut the door, and hit the button just like you always do. You hear that whirring and spinning, and the canister’s going around and the clothes are being tumbled, but they’re not getting dry.

What’s happening is that the dryer is mechanically working, but it’s not heating.

Here there’s often a problem with the heating element or some related part. It’s not always as simple as just switching out that part, though. There are issues with specific manufacturer designs and more.

This one is another one that you’ll see on our testimonials page.

Mold and Calcification

In other situations, your washing machine spray isn’t targeted, and it may be coming over the edge and spouting on the floor.

Mold is one possible culprit for blocking up those small nozzles where the wash water can come from. Calcification from hard water is another related problem.

The commonality with all of these situations is that you need prompt courteous and professional service. Call Appliances Repair Services around NOVA and surrounding environs, because we have the reputation as a top fixer in Loudon, Fairfax and around these parts.